Honor unveils concept phone that's part foldable, part handbag


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WTF?! It's long been a problem in the phone industry: designs that change so little with each new model that they're hard to differentiate from their predecessors. However, Honor's new concept phone is a little different, though it's unclear how popular its handbag-style device would be.

Chinese tech giant Honor, a spinoff of the heavily sanctioned Huawei, showed off its Honor Magic V2 foldable at IFA 2023 a few hours ago. The presentation also included a look at a concept device called the Honor V Purse, which has some unconventional design features.

The V Purse is an outward-folding foldable that looks a lot like the original Huawei Mate X. A notable addition to Honor's version is the inclusion of interchangeable straps and chains that clip onto hooks on the hinge, allowing it to be carried like a purse or handbag.

The clever part is how the bag makes use of the outward-facing always-on display. This can be used to show different handbag designs, including chains, feathers, and tassels that realistically sway as the phone moves. Honor says it has worked with different fashion designers and artists to contribute various themes for the V Purse, with others able to add their own designs once Honor opens the API in the future.

Having the fragile folding part of the screen on the outside of a phone that users hang from their shoulders is always going to be a concern. Even Huawei started adopting the standard practice of screens that unfold from the inside, just like the Galaxy Z Fold and Pixel Fold series.

There's no word on what specs the Honor V Purse might pack. This is just a concept, after all, so the chances of it ever becoming a real product are likely pretty slim.

The main device Honor was showing off, the Magic V2 foldable, was launched in China over the summer. The company confirmed its international launch during the IFA 2023 event. The thinnest version measures just 9.9mm thick when folded and weighs just 231 grams, less than an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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LMAO well, considering the number of police body cam videos I see when a woman gets arrested, one of the first things they ask is where is my phone, with this, they would never lose their purse!