Hooking up Power LED, HDD LED, etc

By EKUcolonel
Aug 23, 2004
  1. Okay, I am working on my cousin's CPU, and I finally got her a new video card, but now, through some work that she did, her CPU won't start. It has something to do with the plugs (Power LED, HDD LED, etc) because they were all out of order, and when I rearraged them back, I couldn't get a signal. Any advice? there is no power whatsoever except in one configuration when the power light comes on continuously. I have come across a way to turn the Reset switch into the power switch, but it only turns the fan on, not the Hard Drive (or anything else for that matter).
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    Well for one, you need to get a manual and work out the proper placing of the switches!

    For two, I dont think just the fans turning on is related to the reset being a switch, I had this happen to me when I had too much plugged in on one of the 12volt rails. Notice how on the powersupply theres several leads of 4pin molexs? Each is a rail.

    In my sitiation, moving the cdrom to a differenct one fixed the problem. However, you need to pull the actual power cord out of the back of the power supply for about 2mins, and then put it back in each time you go to turn the pc back on (while your troubling shooting placing other devices on each rail and such, once it works, you can leave the cord in).
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