Horizontal waves on my monitor display

By kuddo
Dec 16, 2012
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  1. Hi. I have horizontal lines that scan my monitor whenever I play a game. I can see the horizontal lines only on darker colors like grey, dark-green etc. I have a Samsung E2220 display that runs at 1080p on 60hz on a vga cable (no hdmi/dvi support on it). I tried another few vga cables, I tried some other power cable but with the same result, the waves were there.
    I have all drivers updated (monitor and other hardware). My current PC specs are: AsRock N68-C S UCC, Phenom II x4, 4Gb DDR3, Radeon HD7770, 500gb HDD Sata3 and a power supply Sirtec 500W 80+.
    If I open Far Cry 3, for example, I get those horizontal lines. If I minimize the game I still get the horizontal lines if I have something dark on my display (a grey/dark-green/dark-blue website).

    Before the HD7770 I had a GTS 450 and had the same problems. Could it be the PSU, or the motherboard or what? I also tried a different display monitor (on the VGA) and had the same horizontal lines scaning my display monitor but on the DVI the problem disappeared. The thing is that my monitor doesen't have a DVI, only VGA.
    The monitor is a year old, still under guarantee same goes for the PSU and the other components.

    Sorry for my bad English, I hope that you can help me.

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