Hot Intel teraflops MIC coprocessor action

By Archean
Nov 16, 2011
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  1. dividebyzero

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    If Anand's Interlagos .v. Magny Cours .v. Gulftown Xeon review (at least, Part 1) is any indication, the Opteron 6200's face an uphill battle against the Xeon E5's (at least the 8-core models), but they would seem handily placed for supplying CPU's for upgrading AMD based servers (using the existing C32/G34 sockets). From what I've read, the Opteron's might not be luring too many from the Intel camp even though the E5's require a new socket, since a great deal of software licence fee is on a per-core basis, and 16 Bulldozer cores don't match up particularly well against an equal number of SNB-E cores.
    One thing in the Opteron's favour I expect will be power consumption and management. Sandy Bridge-E doesn't seem the most frugal of power consumers

    Odd. The model line was announced 3weeks ago!

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