How can I create a Peer-To-Peer connection??

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Apr 24, 2006
  1. How can I create a Peer-To-Peer connection?? Still need Halp

    Hi all, running on Windows XP and I just want to know how to create a wireless network with my Toshiba Satellite P25-S520, as I have recently bought an Aircard from Sprint and would like to share the internet through my 2 laptops(yes both have wirless cards built in). I know that it will be slow, but its not about speed(just about getting my mom off my back).

    Thx for all suggestions.
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    followed those instructions, but no internet on other laptop.
    it connects to the network i made fine(called it brian) but cant get a ping out.
    went to properties > advanced on my sprint connection and yes allow other
    users to connect through this computer's internet connection is checked,
    all services in the settings > services tab to be shared are checked.
    no firewalls are running.
    ty for last reply nodsu hope to hear from you again.
    im stomped on this one, all suggestions welcome.
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    one more problem i need help with, on my other laptop, in control panel, "Phone and Modem options" isnt opening no matter how many times i click it, i need to get in here to figure out why my aircard from sprint(which is considered as a modem, instead of a wireless card for some strange reason)isnt working on that laptop.
    plz halp, ty in advance
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