How can I lock my computer?

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Oct 7, 2005
  1. my brother is always playing our computer, we cant stop him. how can i make my computer not to work, but still I can access it? do you get my point. pls help. examination is coming..
  2. Odie

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    You could set a Bios password. This will cause the computer to request a password after intial boot but before windows loads. Usually pressing F2 or Del after initial boot will get you in to the Bios.
  3. meatologist

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  4. o2Ly

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    instead of setting a password, is there anything else? like making my computer unable to log in the desktop or anything smart? because my brother would be angry if i set a password in my computer.. thanks for all those replies.. i am only concern w/ my brother grades b'cause all if his grades are failure..
  5. TS | Thomas

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    The only thing you can do if you're not able/willing to use password protection (BIOS, or login) is to do something physical, eg. pulling out the power cable to the PC & taking it with you. Removing the keyboard, something like that. I guess it depends on how PC smart he is, I think many PCs won't boot if they detect the keyboard is unplugged for example. Alternatively I guess you could do something like create another account, which is set as the default login (So you aren't prompted to login), configure the service in that login to disable some relevent services, e.g. Windows Audio - If it's Disabled, audio won't play. Should you want to use the PC you can then use the Start -> Logoff option & login to your account instead, which will have this enabled.
  6. o2Ly

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    ic , my brother will be mad if i hide the keyboard or mouse.. :dead: the only way i can make my brother not mad is to let him think that the PC is broken.
  7. RealBlackStuff

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    How about teaching your brother some manners? Tell him he's a spoiled brat!
    Whose PC is it anyway?
  8. o2Ly

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    yah, he's so addicted in playing computer games..i had punched him many times , but he wont learn. my parents dont know what to do know, the only way is to mock him that the computer is broken..
  9. RealBlackStuff

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    You still did not answer my question. WHOSE computer is it, yours, your brother's or is it the family PC?
    If yours, ask your parents for support to keep him off.
    If family's, open a user-account for him only, with limited access.
  10. PanicX

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    put a blank floppy disk in the computer, then turn it off.

    You may have to set the computer to boot from floppy in the BIOS, but most likely this is already set.

    When you want to use the computer, take the floppy out.
  11. o2Ly

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    family's pc, i had set a password in the bios now. i think this is enough.. thanks guys.. :knock:
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