How do I customize my start up programmes when I start up my PC

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Mar 19, 2008
  1. I have been getting an error message that I am out of memory when i try to go on to the windows security update site and I am unable to access the site. In my last thread i was advised that this is the case. I still have 60GB of memory free so I presume this must be to do with my page memory (note still a Pc novice). How do I start my Pc with just a few processes starting i.e the essentials. I have looked at the programmes which start up in task manager but I dont know what I need or not need as I do not understand the abbreviations. I am at the moment in the process of putting my Pc spek in my profile but for starters I am using Windows Xp hme edition service pack 2002 AMD sempron processor 3000+ 1.79GHz 704 Mb of ram. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Well others that know me, may say, yep that's Kim's area lol

    Please download and run Startup Control Panel
    Normally untick everything. But AntiVirus and mouse support on laptops.
    I've had others (support members) debate that comment, but 99.9% of the time you can untick just about everything (anyway it's reversable !)

    You can also have a look here at this site:
    One of the programs is Autoruns (which is excellent) but I must advise not to disable anything, without asking first, in that program (as strange things can happen)

    Another area is in Start-->Run-->Services.msc
    There are many services that just don't need running, this page may help there:

    Also you spoke about Pagefile, it depends on how much Ram you have
    As an example, if you have 512 Meg, then I would set it to Min and Max to 768Meg

    Those things may help to begin with
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    there are many programs or applets that let you efficiently edit your startup programs.

    Mike Lin's startup editor is one of the smallest and the best.

    also Glarysoft glary utilites works well too.

    both are free.
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    Let's just clarify this:

    " I still have 60GB of memory free ". I believe this is your hard drive, not your 'memory.'

    You go on to say "704 Mb of ram"- THAT'S your memory- what is being used by the programs. The programs sit on the hard drive taking up "space" and when they're being use, they use the random access memory, RAM.

    And most likely what you think when you say "I am out of memory when.."is more like a message that says something like "referenced memory can't be read." This can happen when you have too many programs open and assigned memory hasn't been released.

    Yes, stopping all process from starting up except the anti-virus, firewall, touchpad for laptop and network process if on a network is a good thing. This will make you startup faster and increase your overall performance because you're not running all those programs in the background.

    So: 1. Stop unneeded startups. 2. Stop unneeded Services 3. if getting the 'referenced memory error', try closing some of the open programs.

    Another good database to help you ID the processes is from asnwersthatwork:
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