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How do I disable my integrated video card?

By panz3rfaust ยท 7 replies
Feb 23, 2005
  1. Yesterday I bought a Diamond Stealth S60 Radeon 7000 32mb graphics card (PCI version), and after I installed it and loaded the drivers, it still wouldn't work. So I did some research, and I found, I think, that I have to disable the integrated video card in my PC, and I have no idea how to do that.

    (Just a note, but after I installed the drivers and re-started my PC, the new card shows only black. When I switched back over to the integrated card, it tells me in a pop-up window that the "ATI Control Panel" had a problem and didn't install. Is this related or another problem entirely?)

    So how/when do I disable the integrated card?

  2. Jacob

    Jacob TS Rookie

    First of all, be sure you new adapter installs correctly....

    In XP you can disable the intergrated video by going to System Properties (control pannel/System) click on hardware tab then device manager..... Click the + sign by display adapters... Right click the adapter you want to disable then click properties and in the dialog box (t the bottom) select Disable

    Other windows OS are done pretty much the same way with device manager

    Hope this helps
  3. BlutoniumBoy

    BlutoniumBoy TS Rookie

    Get a pair of plier's and tear it off the mobo....
  4. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    here is the complete procedure.first of all you'll need to uninstall any traces of your current video card.uninstall in the device manager and uninstall the driver in add/remove programs.but before you do this uninstall your current direct x.the pc will ask you to restart.instead click cancel and shut down the pc.now this depends on your mobo,some have jumpers to reset to turn onboard video off,some do through bios and some automatically.if the jumpers than look in your documentation that came with the mobo.if through bios than go and check shared memory or video ram or something and select disable.also there should be another option that says 'init display first' slect pci in that.put the card in and let windows boot up,now you install your drivers etc.one things though,if you have to turn onboard video off through bios than be careful-once you turn it off and then by chance your card still doesnt work you'll be stuck.to prevent a situation like this first of all uninstall the drivers and onboard video first like i said,restart but as soon as it does,enter bios and disable video from there not before you uninstall it from windows and most importantly you should know where your cmos jumper is look inthe documentation like i said,if you've lost it than browse the net it shouldnt be too hard to find.now the cmos is very important,it has three pins and a jumper set on two of them,what you'll have to do is set the jumper to the other other 2 pins (for eg. if set on 1&2 then make it 2&3)restart your pc,but it wont turn on leave it like that for about 10 secs(approx) and set it the jumper back to how it was earlier.it should have loaded your old settings and your onboard should be functioning about now.but this is only if your card doesnt work.

    well thats about it,i've tried to make it as clear as possible.i tried to explain it as simply as i can.but i would like to say that if you're not sure about any of this than take it to a professional or someone who knows this.
  5. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    Make sure you turn the system on board graphics off in BIOS. Then delete all current graphics drivers in Windows. (Remove device for sound card.)

    Then plug your new card in and load the appropriate drivers.
  6. joelriv8

    joelriv8 TS Rookie

    There are 2 ways to disable the on board video card:

    Step 1: Click Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware, and Device Manager locate the video card name under Display Adapters select the video card and then click on the small computer with the purple x to uninstall it from your computer.

    Step 2: Disable the video card in the BIOS, if there is an option but most low end motherboards which are the ones who has integrated video cards does not include a video disabling option in the BIOS.
  7. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +183

    Good answer joelriv8!

    But there are a couple more steps/detail to do a thorough job uninstalling everything related to your onboard sound
    1. Control Panel sound apps are often within the sound driver install file. They get installed when the driver gets installed.
      ==> The best place to start is Add/Remove Programs (different but similar name in Vista).
      ==> Look for any programs listed there from onboard sound vendor
      ==> If yes, Remove it. (that will usually take care of both the application plus drivers but you still best continue and check)
    2. Look for sound devices in Device Manager starting under Sound category. If needed, you can verify its a sound card device to uninstall. Rt click on device, click Properties. click Detail tab. By default, a string is displayed
      ==> XP shows Device Instance Id
      ==> Vista shows some other string
    3. In either case use pull down menu to see Device Instance ID. Vista calls it something similar but different (as usual for Vista) like Device Path
      ==>Onboard AC'97: device string starts PCI\ (unless your system is ancient and pre-dates PCI). Note reverse not true. i.e. all devices with PCI\ strings aren't sound devices. They're PCI attached devices.
      ==>Onboard Hi Def Audio: device string starts HDAUDIO\
    4. One more often over-looked step. Look for ghost onboard sound devices These don't occur often but if do may cause u much grief as you normally don't see them and they might be why subsequent sound install doesn't work!
      • You can either reboot into safe mode and look at Device Manager OR click here to optionally see ghost devices in Device Managure during during normal boot
      • In Device Manager, click View->Show Hidden. Then look through Device Manager again. The semi-transparent icons are ghost devices.
        ==> Uninstall any ghost devices for your sound card.
        ==> Do NOT uninstall any other ghost devices unless you understand ghost devices and are certain what the ghost device is
  8. Tha General

    Tha General TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,106

    The radeon 700064mb diamond was my first video card in 2005, the memories. Still a good card for older games tho, if you use the 4.3 drivers anyway.
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