How i stop my laptop speakers to sound crackling

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Sorry for bad grammar, english is not my first language.
my 2 yeard old laptop speakers started sounding like this since february 2023, as time passed it got worse and it became more frequent
I just know that its a driver issue because if I disable it and enable it again on the control pannel it dissapears, it happens when cpu or gpu usage goes over 70%, I have tried doing clean install, reinstalling drivers from oem, reinstalling drivers from realtek, updating the bios and idk what else I have to do, it only happens when I try to use my laptop integrated speakers, if I play someting on bluetooth speakers it doesnt happen please I need a solution asap


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No worries about the grammar! I understand that your laptop speakers started producing a distorted sound since February 2023, and the issue has gradually worsened over time. You believe it's a driver problem because disabling and enabling the driver in the Control Panel temporarily resolves the issue. Furthermore, you've already tried a clean installation, reinstalling drivers from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and Realtek, updating the BIOS, but the problem persists. Notably, the issue only occurs when using the laptop's integrated speakers, while Bluetooth speakers work fine.

Given the troubleshooting steps you've already taken, it seems you've covered the usual solutions for sound-related issues. However, here are a few additional suggestions:

  1. Check for driver updates: Visit your laptop manufacturer's website and ensure that you have the latest audio drivers specifically designed for your laptop model. Sometimes, manufacturers release driver updates that address known issues and improve overall audio performance.
  2. Try a system restore: If the issue started after a specific software update or system change, you can attempt to restore your system to a previous point in time when the audio was functioning properly. This may help roll back any problematic changes that caused the issue.
  3. Perform a hardware diagnostic: It's possible that there could be a hardware problem with the laptop speakers themselves. Contact your laptop manufacturer's support or a local technician who can perform a hardware diagnostic to identify any potential issues with the speakers.
  4. External sound card or USB audio adapter: If all else fails, you could consider using an external sound card or USB audio adapter. These devices connect to your laptop's USB port and provide an alternative audio output option. This can bypass any potential issues with the internal sound card or drivers.
If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, I recommend reaching out to your laptop manufacturer's support team for further assistance. They have specific knowledge about your laptop model and may be able to provide additional guidance or recommend further steps to resolve the audio problem.

I hope you can find a solution for your laptop's audio issue soon.