How do I get my D Drive back?

By candd1212
May 4, 2005
  1. Hi. I feel really silly.........but I can't get my D Drive working. I did fdisk on my Maxtor hard drive (15.3 GB) and used MaxBlast Plus to format. I have a C drive but when I try to format the D drive I get this message "identify drive command failure, aborted command". I have the hard drive as my Primary Master, the CD-R/RW Secondary Master, and the DVD-ROM as secondary slave. In the BIOS settings my Primary and Secondary IDE are showing but my Secondary slave is not. What am I doing wrong? HELP!!
  2. Lunatic

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    Try putting the Harddrives on the same ribbon. Make sure they are set right, master and slave.

    You should always try to put harddrives and cdrom drives on different ribbons.
  3. candd1212

    candd1212 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    One more question?!

    Thank you for your help. I am now reading all of my drives! But I have one
    more question for you and my question is this....... I thought that when I did
    the fdisk/format that I had essentially cleaned my hard drive of everything
    that was on it. But now upon trying to install my OS I am having problems
    in the setup. Scandisk has found damaged and unusable Directory files and so I am using the 'fix it' button alot!!! I am installing Win98SE from a CD and how can there be all of these damaged files? I have never had this problem before. Can you help me out here? Thank you!!
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Win98SE can only be installed on the C-drive, nowhere else.
    C is your Primary Master
    D is your Primary Slave

    Go to and scroll down to the HOW TO... section to get instructions on how to install W98.
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