How do I install my SSD in a desktop?


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I bought a Crucial M4 SSD (64g) for my PC but it appears it's supposed to plug into a laptop how do I hook it up to my motherboard/is it possible?


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The SSD will need 2 connections:
- SATA cable which goes to the motherboard, should come with your motherboard or you can buy one for very cheap
- Power connector which comes from the power supply.

They're the same cables as what your existing HDD is connected to.


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Hello Brennan... assuming your PC has sata ports... slh28 is exactly right.
But, your choice of a smaller ssd has me wondering...

If you have an older PC, then you may need an isa to sata conversion system.
There are some boards that will plug into an available isa slot to give you sata ports,
but I am not sure if any of them could be used as a boot device.
There are also adapter boards that can plug into the sata and power connector on your drive and adapt to isa.
This may be your only alternative to have a ssd boot drive on an isa system.

I don't know what kind of speed advantage you may get from an SSD on an isa system either.

In either case...
Note... I would suggest something like acronis to clone the existing boot drive to the ssd first.
AND... depending on your system, you may need to do some tweaking in the bios.
Please let us know how it goes.