How do I move Outlook files to new install?

By bigbrat41
Jan 25, 2007
  1. I intend to shove in the XP disk and start over. Format, the whole enchilada.
    I can save and move or archive almost everyting I want but, I'm not sure how to transfer the OE files ( addresses, important e-mails, folders and contents etc.).
    In other words, after the new install, I want to open OE and have it look exactly like it does now.

    Thank you
  2. Ididmyc600

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    OE uses DBX files, do a search for them, they are usually in your profile somewhere, your address book will need to be backed up as a CSV file, you can do that via file >export >address book, or locate the WAB File under program files >Outlook Express

    Once found back them up and do your reinstall, then run OE so it creates the defaults, you will need to add any folders you had before, make sure you name them exactly as you did before.

    Now shut down OE and copy the backed up files to the location you copied then from earlier.

    From File click Import and choose other address book and import the CSV file you created earlier, or copy the WAB file back to its location, either works.

    Now run OE and all should be as it was, except for any rules you had, I dont know how you back those up.
  3. bigbrat41

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    Thank you

    Thanks to "Ididmy' "
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