How do I re-enable Javascript in IE6?

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hard to believe, but using XP's help files to search on 'Javascript' finds absolutely nothing of any help. I don't know what or who disabled Javascript, but navigating around some sites is now impossible. What is the way to re-enable it please? Nothing in the 'internet options' menu explicitly refers to javascript, so I wonder whether I'm looking in the right place.
Thanks in advance
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Thanks Mict-------

Active scripting was unchecked - not by me so far as I recall but having just installed BTYahoo broadband, anything's possible.
Thanks a lot realblackstuff,

After installing SUN java, I am able to view the pages that I want.

Thanks once again for your help.


realblackstuff said:
You should uninstall MSJava and install Sun Java.
Follow the instructions here:

In their last sentence, 'you should install Sun's java available here.'
the word here holds the link to Sun java.

And then you should stop using IE, except for Windoze updates..
Go to and install AND USE Firefox.
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