How do I remove HD security password at startup (yes I DO know the password)

By hanaleia
Jun 5, 2012
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  1. My friend sold me her old acer aspire m5736z laptop.(Im going to use it to stream video to my TV) It still runs great but a long time ago she put a password on her disk drive to keep her son out, so at bootup it asks for it before the OS even loads. The screen says Harddisk security then it states the primary master WDC WD2500BEVT-22a23Lock, you click this message and on the next screen you enter the password. She told me her password and it works great and the laptop runs great but I don't like having to enter the password everytime I boot up and I have no reason to need it on the laptop. Unfortunately while she remembers the password she does not remember how she went about putting one on there as she did it a long time ago when she was really pissed off at her son. I cant seem to find any info out there on how to remove it. Everytime I google it is always about people who forgot the password which does not apply to me as this password works fine, I just dont like the inconvenience. I know this is not a big problem but if anyone has a link I would really appreciate it.. Thanks so much for your time.
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    Can't say I've ever heard of anyone putting a password lock on a HD. Try clearing the BIOS or even searching through bios to disable it. If it wasn't some software she used to do it , then it must have been done via bios.
  3. hanaleia

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