How Do I Repair This PC?

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Jan 20, 2008
  1. Help me out. I want to "repair" a certain dead PC. It's one of those "Digitek" types. It used to run Windows 98 Here are things as of now:
    1: The hard disk is dead. The PC powers (I can hear some wierd "di di di" as the disk head tries to read) on and displays "Searching For Master Boot Record On SCSI...Not Found, Insert System Disk And Press Any Key"
    2: Before it spoilt, it used to display "X is not accessible. The device is not ready". X represents both the floppy and CD drive.
    3: I downloaded a Windows 98 bootdisk from the net and copied it to a floppy. Tried booting from the floppy but it failed.
    I have a new hard disk which I want to install on the PC. Can someone tell me how to go about it? Just a guess: Could the drivers for the floppy and CD drives have been deleted because device manager used to report that there were two "unknown devices". Below are the specs of the PC:
    AMD Duron 1200+ processor, 96 MB RAM, DiamondPlus9 Maxtor 80 GB HDD(this is the one that died), 25 MB RAM SiS integrated video display. Anyone having any questions just ask them.
  2. raybay

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    Update the BIOS from either the computer manufacturer, or the motherboard manufacturer.
    Then remove the existing hard drive, replacing it with an ATA or PATA hard drive of 80 GB or preferably smaller.
    The use a known good install disk. Windows 98 Second Edition, with a W98 floppy disk to partition the hard drive, reboot, then format the hard drive using that same floppy. Then reboot.
    Now boot to the CDROM Windows 98SE disk...
    Then you will need to have all the drivers for that unit: Chipset, Audio, modem, video graphics, ethernet if it has one, and so on.
    Once the operating system and drivers are installed, you are almost home.
  3. kimboy

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    Help Repairing PC.

    Is it possible for me to replace the dead SATA disk with an IDE disk of smaller capacity? Must I update the BIOS to achieve my objective? (I read somewhere that flashing the BIOS is a risky procedure). Thanks.
  4. kimsland

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    Yes updating your bios is risky
    If the computer turns off half way through the flashing, or if the Bios is not the correct one, you may render your computer useless.

    I believe raybay has suggested this, because the computer is so old, it has likely got an old bios version, which may cause issues later in Windows. Therefore better to flash before installing Windows.

    Yes you can put an IDE disk in - the size is dependant upon what the manual states (for your computer)

    You can find a bootdisk at
    Or you can put a floppy in any working computer (with Windows) Go to My Computer, right click on A drive (the floppy drive) Select Format - Create System Disk. Ok
  5. raybay

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    Depends on the motherboard. There is product key software that will tell you what your latest BIOS is, among other things. If your BIOS is less than three years old, I would not risk it.
    Yes, updating the BIOS on some models is very risky. On others, such as Dell, it is practically risk free. Just be sure to print out and read the directions carefully. If you do not understand everything in the directions, do not do so.the BIOS.
    As for the SATA vs ATA or PATA disk, it depends on the motherboard sockets, and whether you can connect or bridge an EIDE flat cable. You can usually find this information on the website of the computer manufacturer, or the motherboard manufacturer, or even a Google search using the motherboard part number.
    The older the computer, the more you have to search for info.
    If your computer has a SATA socket, it is not really very old.
    When you said it was a "Digitek" series with Windows 98, I assumed that it is at least 7 or 8 years old.
    You have a variety of problems to deal with on a Digitek series.
    Be sure you have access to all the drivers that come with that motherboard before you start work.
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