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How do I update my sound card?

By mom26gr8kids ยท 6 replies
Jan 2, 2011
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  1. I purchased a new computer (an Acer) last August, so it is about 18 months old. My computer runs Windows Vista. I recently tried installing a program and could not get it to run on my computer. I sent my dxdiag file to the tech support and they told me that I most likely needed to update my sound card since it is from March 2008. I attempted through the windows update screen to find updates and I also have tried to update drivers through the "find updated drivers" that is on my computer and both of those options tell me that my drivers/sound card are up to date. However, it is still possible that I can download something from the manufacturer website.

    I have a Realtek soundcard, but the only way to download updates is to know what model # I have. The way they reccommend to do that is to unscrew the computer and look on the soundcard itself. The problem is that we have a very compact model and I would prefer not to go fishing around in such a small space. Is there a way to find the model of my sound card some other way? When I clicked on information about my sound card it says RTKVHDA.sys 6.00.0001.5591

    Any information you can provide would be helpful. I actually doubt that updating my sound card will make the program work, but I want to be able to tell tech support that I did it and it didn't work. It isn't the sound of the program that's not working. When I click on the program it opens, but there is a dialog box with it that says "Guitar Praise stopped working", so nothing opens at all. I would think if it were the sound card I would be able to have the program open, but without sound.

  2. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    you shouldn't ever need to physically upgrade to a better sound card unless you're looking for better quality sound. having said that sound cards are not typically the cause of programs that refuse to install. not sure why they told you to get it replaced as it is probably built in to the motherboard. it sounds to me like the software may be incompatible with the drivers or direct x may need updating.

    one quick way to determine your sound card is to download Piriform's Speccy, which will display all of the computer's hardware information. just click on "audio" and check the first section which will have a list of sound cards.
  3. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,031   +53

    I just looked at the 'Guitar Praise' website, and the minimum spec to run their software is very basic, in fact it doesn't even mention a minimum sound spec. So If your Vista PC is no older than about 5 years, it should run that software with no trouble. Do you hear sound with other programs on the PC? (to prove if the sound chip and driver is working). Has the 'Guitar praise' program worked before properly? If you have the program on a cd, try uninstalling it in 'Control Panel', 'Programs', then installing it again.
  4. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +183

    Re: Acer support
    At least based on what you've told us, i don't think Acer tech doesn't have a clue and is making a wild guess (and i do mean "wild guess" as the only symptom is "program stops working" message? )

    In addition to the other's good questions/points above
    1. What model Acer is it? Do you have Vista SP2 installed?
    2. Altho you see a different message, may be worth checking screen resolution before starting the program. See here
    3. You might also (just to see if any difference)
    > Start the program w/rt click Run as admin
    > Maybe try checking the box on the executable to run in XP compaitibility? i dunno, just something to try
  5. mom26gr8kids

    mom26gr8kids TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 492

    Still not working

    I have updated the driver to my sound card and also updated to Vista SP2. I also tried changing the screen resolution and running it that way, but that did not fix the problem. I have tried running it as the Admin, as well as with the User Account Controls turned off, I've also run the program in Windows XP compatibility as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the program. I've also updated my DirectX. I do hear sound with other programs so I don't think that it's my sound card.

    This program has never worked at all on my computer. Every time I try to open the program it says that it has stopped working. The box said that it is compatible with Vista and I have all the necessary system requirements.

    The tech support for the program has suggested that I change my rendering to DirectX, but following the steps they gave me I cannot even find the location they said to change it.

    If you guys ahve any further sugegstions I would appreciate mroe ideas to get this working. It is one one my son's Christmas gifts and he has been waiting to use it.

    Thanks for all your help
  6. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +183

    Wow. Well, you've certainly been thorough! And i admire all the work and dedication trying to get this game to work for your son :)

    I have one other guess to try. Maybe there's a non-Microsoft service or program startup on your machine that's interfering with the game and its startup. See How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    /* edit */
    p.s. And if you haven't already, i'd also uncheck XP compatibility mode when trying the above

    /* edit2 */
    Added note: Since you're trying to fix Guitar Praise in particular, look through the non-MS services and startups listed on msconfig to see if any of those non-Microsoft services/startups belong to Guitar Praise, itself. You'd want to keep those checked and try unchecking the other stuff
  7. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,031   +53

    In their support section, the 'Guitar Praise' mention a few possible problems and answers. The USB Guitar must be plugged in before starting the program. The programs launcher is in the 'Games' folder in Vista, not 'Program files', so I would suggest, 'Start', 'Games', 'Guitar Praise' icon, right-click, 'Play'.
    Also they do provide a link to a patch that you might need.
    It's possible the reason the program won't run is that, is that it's not detecting the USB guitar, rather than anything to do with your PC.
    Also, do you have the microsoft .net framework 1 and 2 installed ?
    If you keep your updates from Microsoft current, you will have. This program you want to run may need the .net framework to run properly.

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