How long for files to be overwritten?

By JayWong
Sep 13, 2009
  1. Hi! I am wondering: How long does it takes for my files to be ovwerwritten? ,

    how much time do i have to recover them,

    is there a limit on how much MB, GB i can delete for example :
    I fill 100MB of ''trash''
    and it only allow 100MB
    so when i am deleting a 1MB (again) ,the file replace the first part of 100MB with the newly deleted 1MB
    so i have 99 MB left ?!

    old files (deleted) new files(deleted)
    Jay's.jpeg Jay' [replaced Jay's,jpeg]]
    jay's.txt Jay's.txt [same as: old file]
    jays.folders Jay's.folders [same as: old file]
    etc.... etc....

    just curious

    Thank you! :wave:
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    First, make sure that when you are done, you will have 20 percent of the hard drive in free space. Do not crowd those files.
    Do not count on everything working as you assume, when you overwrite. Some files will not allow over-writing... and you will not know because the system will not tell you.

    With anything valuable, it is important to copy to a third source... DVD disk, external hard drive, etc... before you clean up the drive and try to attempt to perform the overwriting.

    Overwriting normal files such as spreadsheets, word processing and such are easily done, but images and adobe files are a different matter.

    Care and planning takes precedence over efficience... and be sure you have a lot of reserve free space.
  3. Bobbye

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    If I had to decipher your example I would say you're trying to rename files, but in doing so, you're changing the file extensions. For example:
    Jay's.jpeg Jay' [replaced Jay's,jpeg]]> this shows that Jay had an image (that's what jpeg is) and Jay wanted to change the name to Jay's Folder.

    Going by that, if I'm even close to what you're trying to do:
    1. I have a picture of Bobbye. it's bobbye.jpeg because that's what I name it.
    2. I want to set up a folder for all of bobbyes pictures.
    3. I click on File> New> Folder> and I name it bobbyes pictures.
    4. I now drag the bobbye.jpeg into the bobbyes pictures folder.

    You're talking apple and oranges> files vs folders:
    Jay's.jpeg Jay' [replaced Jay's,jpeg]]> you don't use a file extension for a folder. When you put in the "dot" after the name Jay, then add 'pictures', you will totally confuse the system! It thinks that jay's.jpeg is a single image of jay. But then you want to tell the system to use the files extension .pictures and that is NOT a valid file extension!

    Does that help at all?
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