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How to boot with Puppy Linux to recover your data

By Macboatmaster · 6 replies
Nov 2, 2010
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  1. Your computer has the dreaded BSOD - Blue screen of death, or you receive a message indicating that Windows cannot load and suggesting that you try Safe Mode. You go F8 and Safe Mode does not load either.

    You do not have enough knowledge to use the Recovery Console or your computer has Windows prei-nstalled and you do not have the necessary XP CD. There are other ways to access the Recovery Console, but you may wish to assure you have recovered your personal data whilst you wait for help from this site.

    You cannot, for whatever reason take out the HDD - Hard disk drive and place it in an enclosure and then access your data on another computer.

    You do not have a backup of your personal data and have documents, photographs and other files which you need to recover.

    There are a number of ways of doing this. Providing you have access to another computer to burn a CD, one of the easiest ways is to use Puppy Linux. Providing your hard drive is mechanically sound, this is usually successful.

    Here is a detailed guide to how to proceed.
    There are a number of ways of recovering your data. One is below and probably one of the best.
    Puppy Linux
    See this link and http://ftp.nluug.nl/ftp/pub/os/Linux/distr/puppylinux/puppy-2.16.1-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso
    Get puppy-2.16-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso download it and burn it to cd using ths program to burn the ISO file
    NOTE...do not put a blank cd in until burncdcc opens the tray for you
    1. Start BurnCDCC
    2. Browse to the ISO file you want to burn on cd/dvd ....in this case its puppy-2.16-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso
    3. Select the ISO file
    4. click on Start
    make sure in the bios the cd drive is the first boot device....
    • Change the second drive to the C or Main Drive
    Once that is done then click F10 to Save and Exit
    You will prompted to enter Y to verify Save and Exit. Click Y and the system will now reboot with the new settings.
    Make sure the cd you burned is in the cd drive before clicking Y and then your system will reboot. Puppy will boot and run totally in ram...if your hardware is is good working order you will know...
    after you get it running and your at the desktop...you take the puppy linux cd out and then you can use the burner to copy all your data to cd/dvds
    you can also use it to backup your data to a external usb harddrive..just have it hooked to the computer when you boot up with puppy...
    quick guide for saving data...music..files on a system that will not boot using puppy Linux..
    after you get to puppy desktop..
    click on the drives icon...looks like a flash drive...top row..it will list all the drives connected to
    your computer...

    click on the red icon for the drive you want to mount...in this case its a flash drive ...puppy will
    mount the drive..the drive icon turns green when its mounted...
    minimize the drives mounter window..you will need it again in a few minutes..
    drag the right edge of it sideways to shrink it to its narrowest size...about half the width of the screen...then drag the window to the right edge of the screen...
    now click on the icon that looks like a filing cabinet (kind of yellow) on the main drive...it should
    already be green..
    you will see a list of all the folders on the main drive Usually your C: drive..shrink that window to
    the narrowest you can..about half the width of the screen...drag that window to the left side of the screen...
    at this point you should have 2 windows open on your desktop..the flash drive on the right side..
    go back to the folders on the C: drive...click on the documents and settings folder...then your user
    name or all users..find the folders that has your data..
    drag and drop the folder with the data you want to make copies of to the flash drive window...
    your options are to move ..copy ect...JUST COPY..if its to big you will have to open the folder and
    drag and drop individual files until the flash drive is full...after you get the files copied to
    the flash drive...
    Click on the drives mounter you minimized earlier
    UNMOUNT THE FLASH DRIVE by clicking on the green icon..you will once in awhile get error messages when
    unmouting the drive..ignore them..when the flash drive icon turns red again its safe to remove the
    flash drive.. and download to another computer.
    Ensure the other computer can read them...
    now delete the data on the flash drive...take it back to the misbehaving computer and plug it in

    again..click on the drives icon again and repeat until you have all your data transferred to the working
    Remember to only click once! No double clicking! Once you drag and drop your first folder, you will notice a small menu will appear giving you the option to move or copy. Choose COPY each time you drag and drop.

    YOU ARE DONE!!! Simply click Menu >> Mouse Over Shutdown >> Reboot/Turn Off Computer. Be sure to plug your USB Drive into another working windows machine to verify all data is there and transferred without corruption.

    POSTED with acknowledgement to the authors of this information

    NOTE only save your personal data. If your computer has been infected and you save other material you may then transfer the infected files back to the newly installed operating system. If that is how you eventually have to proceed.
  2. Peponsongobata

    Peponsongobata TS Rookie

    I popped in the Puppy Linux disc into my HP Pavilion g7 (which runs on windows 7 if that matters) and the Puppy Linux loading process stopped abruptly at "<0> Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!". I'm not sure what this means, but I have tried every single fix I could find for the 0x0000007b Blue Screen of Death error and I was crossing all my fingers that Puppy Linux would work. Any help over this "kernel panic" situation would be immensly appreciated!!!!
  3. Macboatmaster

    Macboatmaster TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 75

    I do not work on this site any longer.
    I work on two other where I am Trusted Technician.
    The error suggests the ram in your computer is defective.
    This may also account for the BSOD
    You need to check the ram.
    It would be wrong of me to redirect you to one of the sites I work on, so I suggest you post in the forums under the one for your O/S
    Where you have posted now is not for help.
    It is a Guide and Tutorial forum
  4. Peponsongobata

    Peponsongobata TS Rookie

    Well you have not done anything unethical. I would like to know on what other websites you are working because your expertise is very helpful and your responses are fast.
  5. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,357   +116

    I personally think Macboatmaster was very respectful in his response, but I would also like to take this opportunity to say I'm sure our community can help with your problem.

    I agree that you need to check the RAM, as its highly probable that's your problem with both OS'.

    Peponsongobata A simple Google search for "Macboatmaster" should find you the information you seek. ;)
  6. Peponsongobata

    Peponsongobata TS Rookie

    Thank you for the generous reminder. I have no doubts that there are very technologically dextrous members here. However, Macboatmaster responded to a very important concern of mine quite rapidly and because of this, I felt that working with him would be most beneficial. If anyone else would like to discuss this BSOD with me, I'd be more than content to do so :)
  7. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,357   +116

    No problem at all -- I would highly recommend you create a new thread in the BSOD sub-forum, as that will give you the best possible assistance from our members.

    I would still recommend you check your RAM with Memtest ASAP.

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