How to burn DVDs?

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Dec 16, 2006
  1. I recently got my new computer with the DVD-+R burner and I thought it would be easy to burn dvds, but I'm having trouble can you help? What program do you use, I have media center and it should the movie, but wouldn't burn it, I also have nero startsmart (trial), windows media player, itunes, quicktime, real player, Divx. The movie is a Divx or an avi I'm not sure, do I need to do any conversions and it so can they be done by super or what is best, any freeware? Thanks!
  2. cfitzarl

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    Are you trying to burn a media file, or copy a dvd? I can not tell you how to copy a dvd, as it is not condoned by techspot, adn frankly, I don't know how to. Although, try, and look for a dvd burner (usually free trials) and make sure you have a dvd-r/rw.

    Here is a good program (although, it costs $):
  3. top_model_guy

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    I'm trying to burn a media file. So do I need it to be in a certain format (mpg, mpeg, mp4, etc) to burn it to a disk where it can be played on a dvd player.

    Thanks cfitzarl, you just reminded me that my computer did come with the Roxio program. I'm off to try it out, if I need any help I'll ask! Thanks again.
  4. SNGX1275

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    You'll want that in mpeg2 format to be native for dvd. Several dvd creating softwares will convert your video to that automatically, but I've never used them.

    Also good luck with Media Center, I've clean installed that twice on my media center pc and never once got it to burn a disk.

    Media Center uses Sonic burning software, it will convert.
  5. cfitzarl

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    I once burned a dvd from a recorded show of "Jim Gaffigan: Beyond The Pale" with my tv tuner. It burned very well, and the quality was amazing.
  6. N1Hawk

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    techspot does not condone the right to burn video files like avi, mpeg etc as a suggestion I would go to and do a search on converting avi or mpeg to DVD
  7. Samstoned

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    and why not
    I get a lot of my news under avi and wmv format
    nothing illegal there at all
    I wish some of the posters would do more research before scareing others
    end of rant

    if you are talking about a dvd player for TV out
    format is mpeg inside a VOB file
    try nero 7.1.114 that my version??? newer may be better
    edit the avi mode
    save files as svcd or dvd ,dvd takes longer and is a bigger file when done
    do not make a dvd here just save as
    after you have the mpeg file send it to a author or menu making program like dvdlab pro
    PS: newer dvd players are out that support AVI (DIVX) so the future will be bright for good compressed vids on dvd
    no need to change anything
  8. top_model_guy

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    Yeah I have the Nero, but am still confused. I used hawks suggestion and googled searched that and ended up downloading the avi2dvd freeware download. It seems promising, but seems to be taking a long time. Why does the conversion need two passes. Man I thought this would be alot easier... :)
  9. N1Hawk

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    converting avi files does take a long time as i've done that before and it all depends on the speed of your computer. I did a convert from avi to dvd last night and it took 30 mins because my computer has reasonable speed!
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