How To Display and Report Detail about your System's Windows Services

By LookinAround
Oct 4, 2010
  1. How To Report the Services that run on your computer
    Follow these instructions when asked to report Services on your computer
    1. Download Serviwin. Unzip and store the files on your Desktop
    2. Run Serviwin.exe
      • Click View->Services
      • Press Ctrl+A to select all Services (All services should be selected and highlighted in the Serviwin window)
      • Press Ctrl+S to save all selected services. A pop-up window appears
        > Use the pulldown menu and changeSave As Type= Tab-Delimited File (*.txt) (see screenshot below)
        > Save the file on your Desktop
    3. On next TechSpot post, click Upload a File button to attach it to your post
    Save As with Arrow.
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