How to get sound from my laptop to TV

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Sep 5, 2012
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  1. I am using a vga cable to connect my laptop to the tv and the video works. I realize vga cables cannot produce sound, so I bought a 3.5 male to stereo RCA male (one end is a headphone end that plugs into my laptop, the other end has the red and white cables that plugs into my tv) but I still cannot figure out how to get the sound to work. I was hoping somebody could help me figure it out. I tried going through the audio settings on my laptop and tv but maybe im missing something. I have a trutech tv model number pvs21175s1 and a macbook pro laptop. is there a setting on my laptop/tv to get audio? is my audio cable the right cable I should be using?
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    Hi there

    can you confirm this image as your television set? if it is, then in the picture you can notice there is a "Audio IN" jack on the left of the VGA port. im afraid you might need to use another cable that is 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable.

    connect one end to your laptop and the other end to that designated "Audio IN" jack. now you should have sound. the problem with your current cable is that it transmit sound to the other video input channel, so when you're using PC / VGA input channel, you wont hear any sound.
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    I use an 1/8 in. cable with an 1/8 to RCA double splitter, and plug into audio/in. you can get all of that at radio shack or guitar center.
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    thanks so much! that helps alot! is something like this something I should buy that would work:

    Or something like this:
  5. nismo91

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  6. ashes07

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    Ok thanks so much for your help!

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