How to Install & use unsigned drivers in Windows Vista/7 x64

By Travel-Buddy
Jul 9, 2013
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  1. Just to say a big thank you to Captain828 for his article posted May 7, 2009 in this forum. Your simply the best. I have just spent over 5 hours trawling around the internet including Microsoft and Apple tech support for a solution as to why my Optiarc DVD and Blu-ray burners had gone missing from Windows Explorer, following a disastrous attempt to install Apple's ITunes, which caused a system crash and unsigned drivers. Came across your instructions on page 3 of a Google search and with 30 mins I have implemented your solution.
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  2. jobeard

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    To help others that follow, why not cite a reference to that page :)
  3. mailpup

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  4. Travel-Buddy

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    Wise words jobeard and thanks mailpup for the url. One slight issue/niggle since the successful resolution of the missing optical drives .... on the Windows desktop the message "Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7601" is now displayed. Any advice on how to remove would be very much appreciated.

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