How to remove all data that one website stores on a CP?

By abbasi
Nov 9, 2013
  1. Sorry the title is "How to remove all data that a website stores on a PC?" I don't know how to edit the title !

    Hello guys,

    I was a member in a computer forum website ( for months. Two days ago I created a thread and many members participated in it, some of them asked me some irrelevant questions and I said “this question is irrelevant” and didn’t get them the answer. Thread finished and I could get the answer from another website and posted it to that website to arise members’ knowledge.
    Yesterday like every day I went to that website and faced a massage which was banning me, and my account was disabled. I shocked and I didn’t have even any option to appeal against that wrong decision. So I had to do something. And I did the following works:

    1- I disconnected my Internet connection and cleared all the history data on the browser I use, the Google chrome.

    2- I then ran “ccleaner” tool and marked almost all the options and then clicked on “run” button. Then it cleared all the data including the cookies.

    3- I connected the machine (desktop) to the Internet and immediately changed my IP address.

    4- I created a new Hotmail account and tried to register as a new member to that website (

    5- I succeeded and my new account was enabled so I start to posting to that website.

    But unfortunately, after less than 1 minute I faced this message: “You are already banned”!

    My question is that, how they could know me again? How to create a new account without they know me?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. mailpup

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    I don't think we can help you circumvent bans from other forums.
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