How to reset the BIOS admin password

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I am in sales. I have a new Dell d610 Latitude Laptop. I need to reset some of the stuff in the BIOS for wireless, etc and the IT guys at my company seem to have mislogged or fogotten the admin pw for BIOS. Anyway they have given me five alrady and non of them work. They say I will have to ship the unit in to Chicago and they will fix it. That will take a WEEK that I do not have. How can I reset the password? The settings in the BIOS I need to change are locked and the message says the setup is locked-enter the admin pw into SECURITY UNLOCK SETUP to enable changes. Any advice is welcomed!
Hi, I have a similar issue I have a Dell inspirion 9400/E1705 #85STNB1-595b can anyone help me remove the admin password. My kid changes it and I have no Idea how to get it back. I saw that some folks out here where able to help. Thanks
please help reset biose password dell d620

hello please help i have dell latitude d620 and i lost my biose password
service tag #GQ6ZG2J-595B
express servic 364-123-694-35-
order n:076427438
please help and thinks
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