How to restore access to my settings?

By johnnief
Nov 10, 2005
  1. Windows XP Home first failed on boot and reported a corrupt or missing Then after taking out the Toshiba laptop's hard drive and then reconnecting it, the computer booted up into Windows and showed the normal 4 users for login (myself, two daughters who actually never use the laptop, and guest, also never used.)

    It accepted my password, but from examining docs and settings, it created a new user I logged in as John, there is a John folder in docs and settings, but everything I am doing is in So, I cannot access my Outlook calendar. I get access denied reports.

    I have a backup of my data and Outlook pst, but I would like to reconnect to my former settings. How do I do that?


  2. patio

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    This Article may be of some will need to be logged on as Admin.

    patio. 8)
  3. johnnief

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    Had a quick look at it. I will help. Ideally, I would like to get back in as the User John, instead of the user that was spontaneously created (logging in to John, actually logs me in as the new Toshiba User excluding me from John)

    But if this is the best that Microsoft can do, it is better than nothing!

    Many thanks,

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