How to upgrade a CPU

By mokaboy
Mar 30, 2005
  1. Hi im really curious on how to upgrade a cpu properly, like in propa steps.

    What is mean is i know things like slot 1, sockets etc etc but things like fsb etc confuse me a bit. I need to know in what steps do i take when upgrading ANY cpu, first you have to check what kind of cpu it is (slot 1 etc) then something about fsb i use cpuz not sure what im looking at thou :p, then find out what the motherboard can take p2, p3, p4 athlon etc? upgrade the BIOS if it can support more cpus? this is all stuff ive collected off other websites, can someone put it in list format to help us out :p thanks alot!
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Example. Go here

    1. First for this board look at the supported cpus(Intel PentiumĀ® 4/Celeron Processors(HT, Prescott Ready) )

    2. Then look for the socket type (Motherboard for Intel Socket 478 CPU)

    3. Then look what bus speeds it supports (FSB: 800/533/400MHz)

    Once you've determined the cpu type, socket type, and bus speeds, then you have to decide what speed cpu you want/can afford.

    Example: Say I have $200 us max to spend on a cpu and it needs to be compatible with the above board. So I search for a pentium4, 800mhz bus, 478 socket, and in the price range of 180-200. I end up with a 3ghz or 3.2ghz p4, socket 478, fsb 800, cpu.

    Some motherboard manufacturers also have "cpu support lists" where you can check whether specific cpu's will work with a certain motherboard.

    In cpuz it says fsb speed(it's the bus speed box), but it's your current speed, your motherboard possibly supports several fsb speeds. You could find out what motherboard brand and model you have and then look it up on the manufacturers site to find out the specs.
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