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............................How To Get All Drivers & Info Of Your Hp Product

Using Internet Explorer

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...........................................Sample of a Hp Service Tag

................1: Product Name ....2: The Product number ....3: Model Number

Click HERE to type in your Model Number. Click HERE to help find your Model Number
(Note: Desktop owners can press CTRL + ALT + S in Windows to view this information)

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well, that didn't fix it, It looks like I have all my drivers, I've reset my router and laptop.
hmm, what to try next?

anyone have any ideas? my HP laptop will not connect to wireless since I have reloaded win XP,

should I setup a new wireless network since this one is mine?

thanks for your help
This line put into Start-->Run can start the wireless wizard in Windows:

%SystemRoot%\system32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL NetSetup.cpl,@0,WNSW
havent tried drivers yet

but it was working at one time, then no go, I have only loaded drivers from the disc it shipped with, and attempted to get new ones as was directed by the software utility, but said download was corrupt (form netgear site).

also now see I have hard wired them, but the wireless connection is saying it is connected when no wireless card is even IN THERE?!?!?
Hi Abtec

Instead of resolving this issue here, you are best to go back to your original thread (and do all the replies there)
=> https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic109368.html

Note: This thread is for you (and many others) wanting to "Start Detection" (ie above black clickable box) and download all their up to date drivers from HP directly. (Of which I suggest you do)
ty kimsland but i think ill leave as it being this computer ca run hd and bluray movies and all seem to be dood.i downloaded a prog so i could leave you my system specs but i can like just copy and paste everything so ill keep looking for another prog or somethig my model is a hp dc5700mt just incase you can find the system specs only thing diff is its gor a 512mb mem card and i added 2 more gigs.i can type a lil info hp compaq 5700 micro tower, intelr,celeron-R, D cpu,3.06 ghz,2.49gb of ram
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