hp dv6115 notebook

By evertke
Sep 10, 2007
  1. hi there,

    I'm having some problems trying to save a notebook that stopped working properly after a glass of coke fell on it. A couple of weeks ago, maybe a month after the coke fell on it I opened it up and cleaned it. After everything worked fine, apart from the keyboard. While I ordered a keyboard we plugged in an USB keyboard and all was good. Until after a couple of days, one day before the new keyboard arrived. It hit the HP screen, started booting up and froze. So, I reinstalled windows but that wasn't the answer. Now we have a complete notebook, with new keyboard, but it doesn't start up at all anymore, meaning we can't even get to the bios or see anything on screen at all (led's are switched on).

    I tried some combinations of (no )ram, (no )hdd and (no )other hardware components, but there's no progress at all. So I guess the motherboard is broken. Is that a conclusion you guys would come to? And how can I check this?

    Another peculiarity, the battery doesn't charge. Indicates a PSU problem?

    There's a guy with a similar thread over here: https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic77560.html

    He went to a service point but we can not do that - this laptop was bought in the UK and we are in Hungary right now, where the HP service point doesn't accept this type of notebook.
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    Coke is one of the worst things to spill into a system - the sugar is corrosive and will eventually kill the motherboard. I'm sorry to say that unless the laptop was new it is probably not worth repairing it. You could always ship it back to HP in the UK or I have a contact who can repair this.
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