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HP Dv8000 will not boot, monitor issues

By unwrittenss
Oct 6, 2010
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  1. I just recently joined this forum a few minutes ago. I've spent countless hours searching for possible reasons of my laptops failure issues. but can't seem to find my specific problem. which consists of more then one issue. so I thought maybe some one here could assist me. here is my laptop model HP DV8301 nr .
    here are the problems with it

    1) the laptop tends to die before it can fully boot
    2) laptop monitor shows some weird lines, colors, symbols on the monitor.
    3) if i try to d a fresh OS install, it fails, i've tried with windows xp, (hate to say it, but even tried vista too) and they both failed. I resorted my next option to installing windows 7. and luckily it did work. but i dnt think the laptop is built for windows xp, though most of the specs meet the requirements.

    If i try a fresh install of Xp , the laptop does not get past the loading windows (in order for it to install the os), instead it just shuts itself off

    The laptop had a wiped drive, and i recently just tried installing an os, (laptop had not been used for 1 and a half years), it kept shutting off. so i tried it with windows 7 and it worked. the screen was fine too. (the keyboard was still unresponsive so i used an external usb keyboard at the time)

    But to my assumption ( not wise) i decided to flash my BIOS, and after doing so and having the laptop restart. the screen started to display the issues with the lines,colors,symbols.

    Also The keyboard does not work. Though after trying different bios flashes, the keyboard had some responses on some of the keys. but the monitor still had the issues, i think its bios related but i cant be sure thats why im asking for opinions.

    When it trys to boot into BIOS, the laptop often just keeps beeping non stop. then if i do nothing it shuts itself off.

    I've tried to disassemble it and clean out what i could, (fan, keyboard,etc)

    after reassembly still no changes, still has the same issues. i know for a fact the screen issue is not harddrive related, cause i have tried to boot the laptop without the hard drive, and the screen still has the issues, oh and if i forgot to mention i dnt use the battery, i have the battery pulled and try to do all this with just external power.

    I would really like to get windows xp on there again, but if i cant i can handle 7. as long as i can fix the issues with the monitor, and the laptop constantly shutting off.

    its not my primary laptop its my secondary one, but id still like to be able to get it working again,

    here are some small specs

    -Hp pavilion DV8000
    - PROCESSOR - Amd Turion 64 (1.8 Ghz)
    -80 gig hard drive
    -1.25 gigs memory
    -17 inch monitor
    -currently has windows 7 installed ( but i prefer xp, but who doesn't ahahah)

    uhm hope this info helps at all, and any and all replies are accepted and encouraged. if any one reads this and can possibly help me or has more questions please let me know, i thank you all for your time, and hope some how someone can help me narrow down the causes of the problems , or possibly fix them =)

    thank you and good day to you all
  2. Expander

    Expander TS Rookie

    i also just joined this forum and am suffering from the same problems asu describe.

    i have a pavillion dv8000 and during playing a game suddenly the screen turned black, then
    some strange colours appeared and the laptop freezed. i turned it off and since this time it wont
    boot properly. every time the green stripes appear already during the bios boot and the laptop wont make it past the windows loading screen. i can boot it in safe mode though with the low resolution and the green matrix styled lines are all over the screen, so i have been able to save my files. i tried to install new drivers but no success.

    operating system windows 7
    hp pavillion dv 8000
    dual core 2ghz chip
    2 gb ram
    nvidia 7600 go graphic chip

    the laptop was bought in the us 4 years ago

    any suggestions? i read about replacing the graphic chip?
    i dont have any warranty any more on it.

    geetings david

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