HP dv8000 won't boot up?

By merlinsteve
Jun 7, 2009
  1. UPDATE HP dv8000 won't boot up?

    I have a HP dv 8000 with windows XP
    I have just had the mainboard replaced but now windows won't boot up.
    the computer detects the drive but that is all. windows is installed on the recovery partition. I have never been able to create recovery disks as the computer always came back with an error whilst doing so.
    what do I need to do?
    it there some settings in the bios or something that I need to check?
    can I get windows off the partition onto a dvd and delete the recovery partition all together or is this not recomended.
    PLease help I need my computer back, i have been without it for a couple of months and I nav exams starting next week and I need the data off the hard drive.
  2. Tmagic650

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    If the laptop is out of warranty, the recovery partition is no longer needed. Get your hands on a copy of XP or whatever OS you want, partition, format and install the OS fresh. You can get the motherboard drivers from the HP support site
  3. merlinsteve

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    Ok there has been developments! not good onse though.
    I had a major argument with the store where the computer was being fixed because they have not finished the quoted job and want more money to do so.
    They agreed to reinstall windows for me for $50 more. I dicided to accept this as it ment I would get my computer back.
    They told me to take the computer home and backup all the data. I connected it to another computer externally and the drive was detected.
    there is NO data on it.
    there are no partitions anymore, windows, the recovery partition are just gone and there is only 1 partition of slightly under 300 GB.
    I don't know how this is possible. I would have expected either
    1. no data/ no partitions and a message saying the drive was ready to be formatted
    2. Garbled junk in the different partitions but still with partitions!
    3. the drive not to load up.
    What I got was a perfectly clean singly partitioned HDD which operate fine.
    Is this possible for tihs to happen by a shock or something when the motherboard died or am I rignt in thinking that someone has formated it accidentally??
    Any advice is really appreciated
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