Hp laptop w/ windows 7 trouble

Ive got a 2 yr old laptop that my parents bought for me at walmart of all places. I basically just use it for facebook, facebook games, and email. havent had any real issue til now. at first, when it was plugged in it would start up and let me log into windows but would immediately shut down. later it started going through a disk check when I turned it on and would shut off before it was complete. if the power cord was connected it would have a big red x over the power cord logo on the bottom right. I was going to factory reset it but I cannot get that far before it shuts off. bettery is fine and power cord is good. had them both tested. PLEASE HELP!!! IM VERY POOR SND CANNOT TAKE IT TO A REPAIR SHOP!! tyvm


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It won't stay on long enough to do anything so this doesn't look promising. Have you tried removing the battery and just using the power brick?


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Really doesn't matter where they got the laptop from. Walmart does sell some very good electronics. But beside that what I want you to do is this.

Reboot the laptop into safe mode press F8 (might be Fn + F8) look on your keyboard there for those combination keys. Once you get to the safe mode login select Administrator.
Now just let the laptop stay on. If it does stay on then your problem can be fixed. If it doesn't stay on then there is a serious technical problem.

If this laptop can say on for 30 minutes to 1 hr. What you need to do is to create another profile on it. Give any any name you want. Create a password too. This is very important.
Now reboot the laptop and login in with the new user name you have created. Do not use the old login name.

From there on if the laptop stays on then your know that the old login name account on the laptop has become corrupted! I'll give you instructions how to remove that account off your pc, but first I need to know your results of this test.

Hardware test would result in the following:
1. Remove the laptop battery as already mentioned by the prior poster
2. Connect the AC power cord only to the laptop
3. Purchased at Walmart a $5/10 multi-line tester. This will allow you to test the AC power cord leads to see if your getting the right amount or current going thru it. If you don't you can buy a universal power supply adapter for your laptop. These can be also purchased at Walmart too.

So if the Power cord supply unit has failed and been replaced and it still shutdown then the battery has failed and needs to be replaced. Note Walmart can order this for you, but you must check with them first. Cost will vary on the number of cells the battery has.

3 Cells -
6 Cells -
12 Cells - $100 bucks

Which HP model do you have for your laptop?