HP X27q Review: 1440p IPS Gaming for just $250

This is a fantastic looking monitor for the price! I've owned it for several months now. However, several people, including myself, have been reporting issues with the monitor coming back on from a sleep state! HP has yet to do anything about it. It should be fixable via a firmware update, but HP hasn't even acknowledged our issues yet. What happens is, when your input devices turns off, if you leave the monitor powered on it will go into sleep mode, then sometimes when you power your input device back on, the monitor never wakes back up and the only was to get it working again is to reach behind the monitor and power cycle it via the power button. It doesn't happen every time either. I'd say it happens every 4 or 5 times I go to power on my PC the monitor doesn't wake up. It's definitely NOT an issue with the input device either. It's very annoying.