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Nov 1, 2004
  1. I was just wondering if this is posible.At work we got a HTML document and when we cut and paste in excel it is not active after we save it.
    Total newbie here
  2. Nodsu

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    "not active" meaning what exactly?

    If you have some HTML form that calculates its fields automatically then you will definently not get that functionality into Excel by copy-paste.
  3. novicegamer

    novicegamer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 89

    That is exactly what we are trying to do :confused:
  4. LNCPapa

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    If the document is formatted to require Office Web Components (since it was built with excel) then you should be able to export the file to excel. If there is a toolbar at the top of the page with Excel like icons the third one from the right should export the document. It should be the excel logo. I guess the biggest question is how was this page built?
  5. novicegamer

    novicegamer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 89

    I wish I knew more about this but I dont really have any experiance in excel and very little with html.anyway I was just trying to help someone at work.

    thanks all who tried to help or who tries,will keep checking back puke:
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