I am about to throw in the towel

By gregz
Nov 23, 2008
  1. I am impacted by the antivirus 2009/google redirect issue.

    I have tried all of the steps...and for one day I got rid of the virus...i think.

    I just tried this morning...same issues. It will not die!

    Steps taken:
    Avira installed...ran a scan it deleted things.
    Smitfraudfix ran in safe mode...deleted a few things.
    Hijack this - had to rename to run. I deleted a few things
    SDfix- ran...rebooted. Seemed to delete things.
    Windows Defender - ran..deleted a few things.

    Spybot - worked one time...now it will not launch.
    Malwarebytes(installed) - renamed..tried the fix...still will not launch.
    SuperAntiSpyware(unable to install - safe mode gave admin error message) - renamed...could not get to launch.

    Reformat will be easier right now.
    The virus is "smart enough" to stop launching of programs. I am getting tired of it.

    Does anyone know these 2 things:
    1. What is causing the redirects? What file or combo of files?
    2. What would cause XP to not to launch certain programs?

    As a help to anyone who reads this. I am somewhat able to surf by choosing the "cached" pages in Google.
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    have you got a usb flash drive. ?

    that was my saviour, along with Mike Flynn...

    i too had probs installing SAS and MalwareBytes...
    however, i used my latop, downloaded to flash drive, then installled from there using windows in safge mode.

    follow the 8 step guide,
    read it 1st, to identify what software you need to help fix...

    then in stall them 1 at a time.
    when you have run the 1st one, ensure you check all boxes that you are advised to..!

    copy the log file and attach as per guide...

    i'm not an expert so cant tell you what in the log is safe or not, however with the resident experts in this forum, they will guide you.

    i had a guy with 3yrs IT experience tell me i had to reformat my Disk..
    30mins of reading this forum has saved that and £40 sterling..

    mind you it took me 6hrs, due to similar probs you have encountered, eg, slow responses, unable to install software...

    hang in there buddy, i did and thankfully my PC is ok now..!!

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