I am going absolutely insane please help me...I dont understand

By Curtis9111
Dec 28, 2006
  1. Ok so I had an AGP RADEON X850 PRO video card...I tried overclocking went way to high it shut my comp off a few times..so I put it back to normal and left it there..it was at normal speeds for about 8 months...but I lagged in games pretty badly like I always have...so tonight I went out and bought a AGP 8x BFG GeFORCE 7600 GS OC 512MB DDR2 memory video card....I am having the same exact problem...also awhile back I overclocked my processor to the point where the computer shut of and that also was put back to normal right after that :( so now I dont know what the problem is..I lag in games...CS 1.6 runs fine..source runs ALRIGHT but only at about 50FPS...these are my system specs:

    Processor: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G
    Power Supply: 300W AGI Model Number = HP-P3507F5W could this be my problem with lagging? The power supply? thats what I am thinkin it is..
    AGP Video card: BFG GeFORCE 7600 GS OC 512 MB DDR2 memory.
    Memory: 1gig PC 3200
    CD drives: 1 Sony Dual Layer 18X DvD/CD Burner
    Hard drives: Just 1.
    Floppy Drive: I have one but I NEVER use it
    Network Drive: Have one of those too but I NEVER use it.

    I hope I didnt leave any info out..if anyone can tell me if they also think its the power supply that would be a big help...my graphics card says a minimum 350W Power Supply...but its running..I would think if it was the supply it would not even start up my computer... GRRR SOMONE PLEASE HELP!!!! I appreciate any help and or advice. btw I do benchmarks and stuff and it says my processor is fine says its running at 3014Mhz of w/e its a 3.0Ghz Processor...so any help on the info i just gave would be awesome..Thanks guys.
  2. JohnK93

    JohnK93 TS Rookie Posts: 44

    I'm not the most knowledgeable person here, but just to give you some feedback: your power supply could definitely be slowing you down, but it doesn't sound like it's running that slow to me. 50 FPS isn't bad. For a 7600, people usually recommend something closer to 400-500watts. You might want to think about upgrading this. Just because your computer starts up, doesn't mean the PSU is sufficient to run games...they can be tricky sometimes, and often hard to identify as the problem.

    Also, overclocking your CPU isn't going to help anything if the graphics card is the bottleneck, so I wouldn't bother worrying about that. Some standard benchmarks to run are 3DMark05 and 3dmark06 for graphics, and sandra for the computer overall. Check out the download section at guru3d.com. You can also run rthdribl to put your card to the test, and run fraps to monitor the FPS while running it. This will give you an indication of what your card can handle.

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