I am on Build 10158 - Can't go any further

  1. I have pretty much been letting Windows 10 do the upgrades for each new build released to the fast ring. And it has gotten done without much trouble. However, right now, I am currently running build 10158. And although Windows Update recognizes that there is a newer build available, it simply sits on the "Downloading Updates 0% Done" screen all night and all day.

    Does anybody know how to get this to go forward? I may download the latest .ISO and re-install fresh. Or being the lazy person that I am, just wait until they fix this bug, if they ever do.
  2. TheBigFatClown

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    112 views and nobody helped me. That makes me cry. The good news though is that the situation has resolved itself. I am now running the latest build. I think it required a reset of the system and Microsoft changing something on their end.

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