I cannot remove malicious files from my computer

By nicolejvon
Mar 20, 2006
  1. I installed limewire and no more than an hour later removed the program (at least I thought I did). After removing the program from add/remove I noticed it still tried to load upon starting my computer. Now, I have adware and spyware like crazy. So I run adware/spyware programs and anti virus programs. My adware/spyware program tells me there are files it cannot delete and limewire is one of them. I got to where all these files are and try to remove them manually but it is telling me that the files are either in use or protected. In the meantime I am getting more and more adware accumulating from these programs. I am even tried disabling my internet connection and removing these programs and it isn’t working. What can I do? Please Help!!

    I have a Dell w/a celeron processor
    OS-Windows XP
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