I Cant Burn Anything!!

By soadrocks90
Jul 12, 2007
  1. aight. i had the toshiba sd-r5 and couldnt burn for crap, bc it would burn for a little bit then nvr complete. so i was like screw this. this driver sucks, bc i tried all tht i can to make the damn thng work. so i bought a new dvd burner which is the samsung sh-s183l and i install the whole thng. updated and everything. but when i tried to burn a cd on nero just to test it, it wouldnt let me burn. so i went to the nero cd-dvd speed and it said error!!invalid command operation code (05200). i was like wt the hell!! then i realized my computer is customed, so i updated my chips, and still it wouldnt work. please help me. here is how it looks like when i did the nero cd-dvd speed.
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