i have Lots of registry problems about 360 and lots of invalid file paths

By passnthru2
Oct 22, 2005
  1. i am looking for a software program that can keep Xp patched together..

    i did some free scans off software ads...
    I have a LOT of Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386 errors,
    lots of Windows\System32 errors,
    a Lot of Microsoft Money errors..which i have never used
    a lot Documents ans settings
    lots of Norton/Symantic .. which i have removed... and it runs Much better

    I get a message i am missing PCtree dll and Learn32 dll... they are lost or have no access, i dont know which.

    I told the CompUSA salesman..sorry i am new to computers, what i wanted a computer to do for what i was doing.. and got this Compaq Presario, 2.6GHz, ... he told me this was it,..LIAR !!! :hotbounce IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE AN AGP SLOT>!!! oh well :blush: ...i 2X'ed the memory cards but i dont think the computer could handle more.. it runs badly but it works

    thanks for any help.. :wave:
  2. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    Norton system works (and old reliable) works great. Screw norton antivirus (home edition)

    Registry mechanic is good also.

    I have been using systemworks since 2001. Works great.
    The only other good norton program is the corporate antivirus which you can get for free if you're a US federal employee. Their firewall sucks.

    Without either program, you will have to go to tools and have XP run a disc scan on bootup. It's slow and not very reliable.
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