I have no Internet when I install my wireless router???

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Mar 16, 2007
  1. Hi,
    I am trying to use this Lynsys Wireless-G broadband router Model # WRT54G to hook my game system in the other room up to the internet. When i installed it, it would light up fine and look like it was totally connected on the LED screen, but nothing on the cpu, except that it would say it was connected at the full LAN speed of my cable. so can someone explain to me why my cpu would think i have internet when it won't open a webpage or do anything online? Even the game system picked up the signal from the router but couldnt connect to the internet. I'm very confused, I've installed like 3 of these exact routers in friends' cpus, and I followed the directions exactly and still couldnt get it to work! Please HElp!!!!! The troubleshooting guide for this thing is, well, lacking.

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    You are mixing up internet and network connectivity. How on earth did you get them working before?

    Do you have a computer you can test internet connection with? You shouldn't even attempt to set up a wireless router without the aid of a PC -the wireless will be insecure and the WAN configuration may not suit your internet connection.
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    Thanks anyway

    obviously I didn't make myself clear in what I was trying to do, but either way I finally found the answer on the Linksys website. I had to clone my MAC address. anyway, thanks I got it working. Take it easy
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    Common ISP access issue.

    Very good! :grinthumb
    It is very common for an ISP to capture the MAC address on day-1 of the customer's usage.
    Typically, the service person, or you the self-installer, will connect the modem
    directly to the system, have a big smile on your face, and declare AHHH! I did it.
    Next week or two, the router is inserted between the modem and the system(s)
    and the big frown appears, "what happened?"

    The answer is, your ISP has implemented 'hardware provisioning' to protect
    their interests and resources from unauthorized users :0

    The solution is what you have found for yourself. to clone or mascarade your
    MAC address. Your addition of the router and additional systems is unsupported
    (meaning the ISP will not help you with it), BUT your license is still valid and
    your local LAN will work nicely.
  5. ski2man

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    hey thanks for explaining it further. I kind of understood why I would clone the address, I was thinking that my router would have to act like my computer basically. I appreciate the explanations because I like to know the process. So thanks again for all your help and your board's quick responses, yall are great!! :)
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