I made red alert 2 work on windows xp!


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By merlinxwiz
Apr 1, 2006
  1. I saw a couple of posts on this site an many other sites because some people are having trouble making Red ALert 2 run under Windows XP.
    Alot of people have no problem, but some do, so this is only for the people who have problems and I am just trying to
    help through my own experiences.
    Try this and tell me if it works for you, and if it does work for you, please share it on other message boards as well, I'm trying to tell everyone I can.

    Heres what I did:
    1) Right click on the cd rom drive that the disk is in, then open the cd rom directory.
    2) Right click on setup icon and autoplay icon and set the compatibility to windows 95.
    3) Double click on setup icon and click on everything to install.
    4) When it's done installing, tell it to go to windows, and not to run the game other wise it will try to run and then crash!
    5) Right click on the RA2 desktop icon and set the compatibility to Windows 95.
    6) Now here's the accident I found....Right click on the RA2 desktop icon again, and click on RUN AS, now uncheck the thing that says protect my computer and data..
    then click on following user, then click on current user, then click OK.
    7) If the game brings you back to the desktop and freezes, hit cntrl,alt,delete and then on the bottom of your screen it will says red alert 2, right click on that
    and hit close and try paragraph 6 again.
    I'm only stating exactly what I did to make the game work and I hope this works for you.

    Tell me if its works for you!
    It did for me.
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