I need an Alternative Utility to Performance Counter Log of Win XP...

By franklogus
Dec 22, 2004
  1. Hi all !
    Few weeks ago, I missed one specific item (Memory) from the PERFORMANCE COUNTERS of my WIN XP (I dont know how it can have disappeared...). I had some (few) hints to try to repair it, but, unfortunately, I didn't get success with anyone. So, as I need to utilize the information of Memory Usage of my PC, I need help!
    As I do not can to repair it (this natural "utility" of Win XP is really good!), I am looking for an alternative option, of preference, one utility (freeware, if possible), which can to measure the Memory Usage and (MAINLY) to create a LOG File, showing the amount / percentage of Memory Utilization within a time interval that I can to define (each 5 seconds, for instance)...
    I would give preference to repair the Windows Utility, which is perfect for my necessity, but, as I don't know how to fix it, I would appreciate very much some hints about one alternative software; I know that are LOTS of it that can measure the Memory Usage in "real-time", but, even after many searchs over the internet, I didn't find anyone that, ALSO, CAN CREATE THESE LOG FILES...
    So, if somebody knows it, I would appreciate this help!
    Thanks in advance for any useful hint / information!!
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