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I need help. Memory Dump in Windows 2000 pro

By philsla ยท 5 replies
Sep 10, 2005
  1. I hope someone can help. I have 2 computers of friends that are doing the same thing, a memory dump on boot up. I will stick to one for now.

    The computer has 2 hard drives. The old 4gb and a newer 60gb. Installed the new HD well over a year ago and all was fine till recently. It belongs to an elderly couple so they are not much help.

    Sometimes, I can make it to the desktop and then the dump, other times, not that far in the boot process. As I watch the task bar at the bottom, I see things starting to load and when I see the Kodak Easy-share icon appear, it goes into the dump. Here is what I got from the event log.

    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000050 (0xffffff98, 0x00000001, 0x8044f4fc, 0x00000000). Microsoft Windows 2000 [v15.2195]. A dump was saved in: C:\WINNT\MEMORY.DMP.

    I checked the dmp file and it is HUGE. I reboot in safe mode and try to uninstall Kodak Easy-share and I get a windows error message not allowing me to uninstall that or any other program.

    I did disconnect the new 60gb HD and go back to the old 4gb HD with the same Win2000 operating system and it boots and runs great. Ran it like that for several hours so I don't think it is defective ram.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    When W2K writes fulll memory dump and it writes the minidump at \winnt\minidumps which is around 64K. Attach the minidumps here. This forum only *.txt or .zip so you have to either zip the minidump or rename it *.txt.
  3. philsla

    philsla TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Mini Dumps

    Thanks for your help. Attached is a zip file with 4 mini dumps. There were several with 0 kb for some reason. I attached only those that had 64 kb.


    Attached Files:

  4. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    1. W2K SP4 patch level is 3 years behind. You had better upgrade to latest level. I
    2. Most probably it is faulty ram
    3. Run hijackthis and check any known problem at your w2k
    4. You had better re-install your W2K as a lot of software which 6 years old.
    start end module name
    80062000 800760c0 hal hal.dll Wed Mar 20 22:34:49 2002 (3C989E09)
    80400000 805a2140 nt ntoskrnl.exe Thu Jul 18 15:17:31 2002 (3D366B8B)
    a0000000 a01a6580 win32k win32k.sys Fri May 10 11:40:54 2002 (3CDB4146)
    f2c00000 f2c0e640 pci pci.sys Tue Nov 27 10:39:44 2001 (3C02FCF0)
    f2c10000 f2c1b680 isapnp isapnp.sys Wed May 30 00:28:18 2001 (3B13CE22)
    f2c20000 f2c28560 CLASSPNP CLASSPNP.SYS Sat Nov 17 01:23:01 2001 (3BF54B75)
    f2c50000 f2c5c4c0 VIDEOPRT VIDEOPRT.SYS Sun Mar 03 05:35:58 2002 (3C8145BE)
    f2c60000 f2c6d440 AFS2K AFS2K.SYS Tue Feb 26 07:05:13 2002 (3C7AC329)
    f2c70000 f2c7e180 Cdr4_2K Cdr4_2K.SYS Wed Sep 25 05:21:41 2002 (3D90D765)
    f2c80000 f2c8f320 serial serial.sys Fri May 10 11:33:12 2002 (3CDB3F78)
    f2c90000 f2c9b6a0 i8042prt i8042prt.sys Sun Mar 24 07:25:38 2002 (3C9D0EF2)
    f2ca0000 f2caca80 rasl2tp rasl2tp.sys Sat Mar 23 03:01:02 2002 (3C9B7F6E)
    f2cb0000 f2cbba00 raspptp raspptp.sys Sat Mar 23 03:01:03 2002 (3C9B7F6F)
    f2cc0000 f2ccea20 parallel parallel.sys Tue Jan 15 04:02:07 2002 (3C43393F)
    f2cd0000 f2cd9ba0 usbhub usbhub.sys Thu Sep 27 05:19:36 2001 (3BB24668)
    f2cf0000 f2cf9ce0 NDProxy NDProxy.SYS Fri Oct 01 07:25:35 1999 (37F3F16F) <--
    f2d00000 f2d08840 DcCam DcCam.sys Sat Aug 31 03:03:28 2002 (3D6FC180)
    f2d10000 f2d18fa0 Npfs Npfs.SYS Sun Oct 10 07:58:07 1999 (37FFD68F) <--
    f2d20000 f2d286c0 msgpc msgpc.sys Sat Aug 04 04:13:24 2001 (3B6B05E4)
    f2d30000 f2d381a0 netbios netbios.sys Wed Oct 13 03:34:19 1999 (38038D3B) <--
    f2d50000 f2d5b000 tcpmarpc9 tcpmarpc9.sys unavailable (00000000)
    f2e10000 f2e18fe0 dcfs2k dcfs2k.sys Thu Feb 28 05:58:55 2002 (3C7D569F)
    f2e80000 f2e85500 PCIIDEX PCIIDEX.SYS Tue Nov 20 05:24:21 2001 (3BF97885)
    f2e88000 f2e8f180 MountMgr MountMgr.sys Tue May 29 22:47:29 2001 (3B13B681)
    f2e90000 f2e973c0 disk disk.sys Tue May 21 18:31:39 2002 (3CEA220B)
    f2e98000 f2e9c0a0 PxHelp20 PxHelp20.sys Sat Jul 26 07:49:00 2003 (3F21C1EC)
    f2ea0000 f2ea7d00 wanarp wanarp.sys Sat Jan 26 04:58:21 2002 (3C51C6ED)
    f2ed8000 f2edec20 cdrom cdrom.sys Tue Jan 08 08:44:19 2002 (3C3A40E3)
    f2ee8000 f2eed560 Cdralw2k Cdralw2k.SYS Wed Sep 25 05:20:49 2002 (3D90D731)
    f2f00000 f2f07e20 uhcd uhcd.sys Thu Apr 25 15:07:54 2002 (3CC7AB4A)
    f2f10000 f2f14f80 USBD USBD.SYS Fri Feb 15 03:15:42 2002 (3C6C0CDE)
    f2f20000 f2f27000 fdc fdc.sys unavailable (FFFFFFFE)
    f2f38000 f2f3e100 parport parport.sys Wed May 30 00:30:18 2001 (3B13CE9A)
    f2f48000 f2f4d380 mouclass mouclass.sys Fri Aug 03 12:02:50 2001 (3B6A226A)
    f2f58000 f2f5de40 kbdclass kbdclass.sys Fri Aug 03 12:02:38 2001 (3B6A225E)
    f2f78000 f2f7c400 ptilink ptilink.sys Wed May 30 00:30:19 2001 (3B13CE9B)
    f2f88000 f2f8c0e0 raspti raspti.sys Sat Oct 09 04:45:10 1999 (37FE57D6) <--
    f2fa0000 f2fa46c0 mmc_2K mmc_2K.SYS Thu Jan 24 04:19:44 2002 (3C4F1AE0)
    f2fb0000 f2fb6a20 EFS EFS.SYS Wed May 30 00:30:08 2001 (3B13CE90)
    f2fc0000 f2fc4a60 flpydisk flpydisk.sys Wed Sep 12 08:06:07 2001 (3B9EA6EF)
    f2ff0000 f2ff6000 Msfs Msfs.SYS unavailable (FFFFFFFE)
    f3010000 f3012a20 BOOTVID BOOTVID.DLL Thu Nov 04 09:24:33 1999 (3820E051) <--
    f3014000 f3016d00 PartMgr PartMgr.sys Tue Nov 13 05:35:58 2001 (3BF040BE)
    f307c000 f307f560 serenum serenum.sys Wed May 30 00:30:12 2001 (3B13CE94)
    f3088000 f308a2c0 ndistapi ndistapi.sys Sat Sep 15 04:53:18 2001 (3BA26E3E)
    f3098000 f309be60 TDI TDI.SYS Tue Jul 31 11:15:11 2001 (3B6622BF)
    f30c4000 f30c7580 vga vga.sys Sun Sep 26 02:37:40 1999 (37ED1674) <--
    f3100000 f3101d20 Diskperf Diskperf.sys Thu Jan 31 02:25:03 2002 (3C583A7F)
    f3102000 f3104000 dmload dmload.sys unavailable (FFFFFFFE)
    f3114000 f3116000 Fs_Rec Fs_Rec.SYS unavailable (FFFFFFFE)
    f3122000 f3123e40 rasacd rasacd.sys Sun Sep 26 02:41:23 1999 (37ED1753) <--
    f317e000 f317f860 ParVdm ParVdm.SYS Tue Sep 28 11:28:16 1999 (37F035D0) <--
    f31c8000 f31c8f80 WMILIB WMILIB.SYS Sun Sep 26 02:36:47 1999 (37ED163F) <--
    f31c9000 f31c9b00 pciide pciide.sys Wed Sep 12 08:06:18 2001 (3B9EA6FA)
    f3267000 f3267f80 dump_WMILIB dump_WMILIB.SYS Sun Sep 26 02:36:47 1999 (37ED163F)
    f32d5000 f32d5a40 audstub audstub.sys Sun Sep 26 02:35:33 1999 (37ED15F5) <--
    f32e2000 f32e2d80 swenum swenum.sys Sun Sep 26 02:36:31 1999 (37ED162F)
    f3311000 f3312000 Null Null.SYS unavailable (FFFFFFFE)
    f3315000 f3315ee0 Beep Beep.SYS Thu Oct 21 06:18:59 1999 (380E3FD3) <--
    f3319000 f3319f80 mnmdd mnmdd.SYS Sun Sep 26 02:37:40 1999 (37ED1674) <--
    fb5d4000 fb5f8220 kmixer kmixer.sys Fri May 10 11:25:31 2002 (3CDB3DAB)
    fb5f9000 fb61d200 portcls portcls.sys Sun Mar 24 07:28:58 2002 (3C9D0FBA)
    fb61e000 fb630060 wdmaud wdmaud.sys Sun Mar 24 07:32:25 2002 (3C9D1089)
    fb681000 fb69ed40 afd afd.sys Sat Mar 23 04:00:44 2002 (3C9B8D6C)
    fb69f000 fb6c9dc0 SYMTDI SYMTDI.SYS Sun Aug 25 05:54:56 2002 (3D6800B0)
    fba23000 fbaa4600 nv4_fba23000 nv4.dll Tue Nov 30 17:33:52 1999 (38439A00) <--
    fdadd000 fdaf21a0 dump_atapi dump_atapi.sys Sat Apr 27 06:54:42 2002 (3CC9DAB2)
    fdaf3000 fdb508a0 mrxsmb mrxsmb.sys Wed Jul 10 04:14:44 2002 (3D2B4434)
    fdb63000 fdb84920 rdbss rdbss.sys Wed Jul 10 04:15:39 2002 (3D2B446B)
    fdbf5000 fdc016c0 DMusic DMusic.sys Fri Oct 29 07:24:19 1999 (3818DB23) <--
    fdc05000 fdc12020 swmidi swmidi.sys Wed May 30 00:29:06 2001 (3B13CE52)
    fdc15000 fdc20a80 sysaudio sysaudio.sys Sun Mar 24 07:31:35 2002 (3C9D1057)
    fdc25000 fdc49500 netbt netbt.sys Thu Jul 04 05:38:33 2002 (3D236ED9)
    fdc72000 fdcc25e0 tcpip tcpip.sys Fri May 10 05:46:02 2002 (3CDAEE1A)
    fdcd5000 fdd09660 UdfReadr UdfReadr.SYS Thu Jan 24 06:09:26 2002 (3C4F3496)
    fdd1c000 fdd56480 cdudf cdudf.SYS Thu Jan 24 04:19:16 2002 (3C4F1AC4)
    fdd77000 fdd97180 EXPORTIT EXPORTIT.SYS Wed Sep 04 01:27:28 2002 (3D74F100)
    fedc0000 fede22a0 update update.sys Sun Mar 24 07:31:53 2002 (3C9D1069)
    fede3000 fedfeb00 ks ks.sys Tue Nov 30 16:51:38 1999 (3843901A) <--
    fedff000 fee15aa0 ndiswan ndiswan.sys Fri May 10 03:10:03 2002 (3CDAC98B)
    fee16000 fee2c520 pwd_2K pwd_2K.SYS Thu Jan 24 04:19:33 2002 (3C4F1AD5)
    fee2d000 fee812c0 nv4 nv4.sys Thu Oct 28 07:23:34 1999 (38178976) <--
    feea2000 feeb72e0 mup mup.sys Wed Feb 06 09:21:12 2002 (3C608508)
    feeb8000 feee0ca0 NDIS NDIS.sys Fri May 10 05:45:42 2002 (3CDAEE06)
    feee1000 fef63720 Ntfs Ntfs.sys Fri May 10 03:23:32 2002 (3CDACCB4)
    fef64000 fef75460 KSecDD KSecDD.sys Fri Feb 08 03:35:26 2002 (3C62D6FE)
    fef76000 fef8b1a0 atapi atapi.sys Sat Apr 27 06:54:42 2002 (3CC9DAB2)
    fef8c000 fefad9c0 dmio dmio.sys Wed May 30 00:30:15 2001 (3B13CE97)
    fefae000 fefca1a0 ftdisk ftdisk.sys Thu Oct 18 02:50:29 2001 (3BCDD2F5)
    fefcb000 feff2c40 ACPI ACPI.sys Sat Nov 17 01:45:08 2001 (3BF550A4)
  5. philsla

    philsla TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your help!

    Thanks for your help with this problem. Is it possible to run service pack 4 from safe mode?

    I did try some other older ram chips in the computer. I still got a memory dump, however, the codes were not exactly the same.

    I assume you did not see any specific file that may be causing the problem? The other problem I am having is I cannot add/remove programs in safe mode for some reason.

  6. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    Yes, your version is old and Microsoft does not the symbolic file of your version and I cannot format the stack trace of your minidump.

    Re-install your W2K or upgrade W2K3 may resolve the problem.
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