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By n_j0308
Jan 19, 2006
  1. Hey, I am kind of new to this site. I have a crapy computer, and I want to bea able to wipe out the whole thing and install Windows XP SP2. I dont know how to wipe it completly out. Can someone please help me. I have Windows Me on it right now. I am putting in a bigger hard drive and more memory and a graphics card. I should have no problem doing that. I just need to know if I know what I am doing on the wipe out. Thanks. Email me at n_j0308@yahoo.com.
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Boot from the XP Cd. chose install XP, delete the existing partion, create a new partiton and format it. once the formatting is done choose install XP on the partition you just formatted. it is very easy and has a simple graphical interface and is easy to follow.
  3. alidabiri

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    booting from xp-cd with an existing os will do an upgrade, inheriting most or all of the problems from the old os. your best plan is what you just first thought of, i.e. clean it out and do a clean install of xp.
    do this:
    get a win-98 boot disk from here
    this will create a new bootable floppy disk for you
    turn off your machine
    with the new boot disk in the machine
    turn it on
    choose "boot with cd rom enabled" option
    you will see a c: prompt with a blinking cursor
    do an fdisk on the command prompt
    type fdisk and enter
    delete existing partion
    create a partition
    choose (use maximum drive capacity)
    turn machine off
    when it boots up again (same process)
    at command prompt type format c: and enter
    after format finishes
    turn your machine off
    put win-xp cd in your cd rom drive
    turn machine on while tapping del, f1, esc, or any key that will get you to BIOS
    in bios, select boot sequence and choose "boot from cd-rom first"
    let machine start from xp-cd and follow instructions for install.
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