i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100

By mstech316
Jun 28, 2006
  1. Hello to one and all.

    I have an issue that I am in need of help with. A few months ago I posted a plea for help with a Dell Inspirion 8100 laptop that I have. A so called former friend locked up the laptop with administrator password and disabled the ability to boot the laptop via boot disk, CD USB, or anything else etc. I sent a request of help to a gentleman by the call of Rustam and a few weeks ago he provided a master password to clear the dell grey screen asking for the password. I was very grateful for the gesture of help. I managed to bypass the screen only to get another gray screen telling me that the hard drive has been encrypted with another password. I have tried to send an S.O.S to Rustam but he has not answered for one reason or another. My question is as follow does anyone know of a way without having to shell out any money be able to unlock the hard drive so I can retrieve the data that I need as I don't have a backup of it. Any ideas on how or where to look for futher info would be really appreciated.
  2. KingCody

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    the only way i could think of would be to use the drive as a slave in another system with it's own operating system. this may allow you to simply view and access all of your data as a second drive.

    if you can't simply access it through windows, then you may need to use a recovery program to access it.
  3. rustam_

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    I cant find your messages about hard drive, repeat with exact string asked by laptop. May be you had sent mail to MSN which I dont read at all, it only for instant messaging.
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