I need to flash my bios, but HOWWWW!!!

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Mar 9, 2005
  1. Hello All,

    This is my first time here posting at this forum and surely it won't be the last :). As far as my first question goes to you, i'm in serious need of flashing my bios. I'm having this problem where my system just restarts whenever it wants :(. Some folks told me to reinstall windows and what not. Some others said to install the right drivers blah blah blah. And now it comes down to this, one of my good friends recommended flashing the bios but of course expressed extreme concern with doing so and said to ask for help before attempting anything. So if anyone with any suggestions, ideas, slag, or if they wanna just say hi pls do so.

    Thank You
  2. tbrunt3

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    Dont flash your BIOS unless you need too. Go the the makers of your motherboard web site and see what the BIOS update exactally does..If you are getting random reboots first place to look is your power supply not new BIOS..
  3. blaacksheep

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    You may just want to run a good antivirus and a good spy sweep on your machine. Generally, if your machine worked good with your hardware in the past, flashing your BIOS will not fix anything. The mobo maker's website will tell you what known bugs were fixed in any new BIOS revisions. It sounds more like you just have installed programs that aren't compatible, or maybe you have some malware running on your machine.
  4. TIMMY

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    If you have an abit motherboard it's really simple. They have a BIOS flashing tool on their website that makes it quick and easy. Maybe other motherboard companies have tools like this too, you might wanna look into that.
  5. TheDrunkenKilla

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    Thanks alot guys for all the trouble, but i've stumbled on another problem. It seems that my bios can't detect any of my drives or even cd-rom drives and gives me a disk boot error. The only temporary fix i've found for this is just removing the bios battery and resetting the bios(had to do this too many times). I've even gone through the trouble of getting a program to remagnetize my drives (HDD Regenerator). But, apparently seems to work. Once again thank you for all of your advice.

  6. isatippy

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