I Remove A Program From Registry But Keeps Reappearing

By abeswede
Jan 26, 2005
  1. I remove a program (Sonic RecordNow) from the registry (HKEY-current user-software) and it reappears the next time I go in there. I need to get rid of this program so I can reinstall it but it won't let me. I have tried everything, worked with Sonic to remove it (they say it is a Windows problem), and it still shows up. In my add/remove program window it shows the file there but it doesn't even have any information for it anymore. It just says Sonic RecordNow. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    You need a proper registry-cleaner.
    If you are from Sweden, a Finnish neighbour makes one of the best programs for this:
    RegSupreme or RegSupreme Pro, formerly known as RegCleaner (the REAL one)
    Get the jv16 PowerTools, they include the reg-prog and a lot more.
  3. Triton

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  4. Hworker2

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    Try this.
    Start,run, type (regedit), ok, Highlight (my computer), edit, find, then type the reappearing word or words, press find or ok, when it gets to that particular word or words the scan will stop. Press delete then enter then press F-3 to continue scanning registry. delete ALL references to thte word or words. CAREFUL, be sure what you are doing. Back up thte registry first. After the scan is complete and all goes well, you should be just fine.
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