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By Appalachianman
Sep 6, 2008
  1. I have a GU-UD018 jump drive made by Goldnmars and it is/was great. I scanned and saved many photos from discs, etc to the drive. I still have the photos that I scanned and the discs, but much work was put into resizing and adjusting pictures with Photo Shop before I saved them to the jump drive. My problem is that all of a sudden I get an error message that the drive has a problem and cannot be read. I tried it on 5 other computers and the same thing happened. I know I should have had a back up, but unfortunately I did not. Is there any way whatsoever to retrieve the files from my jump drive?
  2. Tmagic650

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    I don't think it is possible to recover your files
  3. JudaZ

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    worth a try

    Hi, you could try programs like BadCopyPro or Ontrack EasyRecovery.Pro If the computer has problems even reading the drive its a long shot, but still it's worth a try.

    A final option is to try and open the jump drive physically and look at the usb connector, some times the 4 connectors gets bended out of allignment so only 3 of 4 is getting a connection leading to this problem. The computer finds the USB device but cant identify it or cant read the files. Have fixed a few USB thumbdrives after this has happend, forcing the connectors to the board so i can get the information out. sometimes soldering them so they will get a good cennection. If everything else fails you have nothing to loose
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