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Dec 25, 2012
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  1. I am new to building pc I have some experience though I just wanted some help I want to build my pc and I want it to have the following specifications... i7 processor latest... some good motherboard with SLI ,PCI 3 and all that stuff so I can upgrade it later geforce gtx 590 I'm planning later to get another one so I want some help with that too is it wise to put two gtx 590 or should I just wait for the new series to come out.... also I want the SSD HDD , 32 gb ram... also idk about the cooling should I get liquid cooling or ? I'm also planning to overclock my CPU when I get the second graphic card.... I will get a descent PSU so what do you think is it a good configuration ? also should I build it my self or go to the local store and get them to help me with it ... also what way is the best to get the parts ? since I'm not from the states I live in macedonia a small country next to greece ... so what advice can you give me ? thanks
  2. cliffordcooley

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    The i7 is a good choice and I personally think it is the best way to go. As for motherboard, I'd stick to ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, or possibly ASRock.

    I'm assuming you mean PCIe 3.0, PCI is an older card slot design.

    As long as you can manage the heat issues that will arise from installing two GPU's.

    I'm assuming you know SSD and HDD are two different drives. You would want the SSD for a OS drive and the HDD for a storage drive.

    8GB would be plenty for most cases. 16GB would probably be all you need. It's my opinion that 32GB would be massive over-kill for the general population.

    If you are planning on over-clocking and using two GPU's, water cooling is a safer way to go. You would need to speak with someone else though, as I have no experience with water cooling.

    I would say you are ready for your own build experience. Even if you make a mistake, you will still be happy after you have completed your objective. And after it is all said and done, you will never need someone else to build your PC's again.

    unfortunately I don't know the answer to that question.
  3. Zeutrinox

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    Maybe this site may help you building.
  4. Qlcool

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    I've read a lot these days and I've changed my mine over the i7 I think im gonna go with i5 3570 k cause from what I read I understood that it isnt much difference in gaming cause the games dont use HT ...also I know I will need a second HDD I'm not an ***** I just forgot to mention... also im not going for the quad sli im just gonna go with one good graphic like 580 cause I had to make some budget cuts... hope you can help me build my pc and also I'm gonna be using it for gaming ... I want to play all the games on max resolution and also im gonna be using a 32 inch LED tv instead of monitor do you think that this configuration will run all the games on max... like BF3 black ops 2, assasins creed 3,crysis 2 ... also im waiting for dead space 3 :) and im gonna go with 16 gb of ram cause 32 is overkill definetely ... I still want the MOBO to support SLI so I can put another GPU later on... I want my pc to last...
  5. Zeutrinox

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    The link that I gave you is not an article link, and what is the resolution of your TV?
  6. Qlcool

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    it's 1920 X 1080
  7. Zeutrinox

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    This rig I built for you is about $1300.
    It should be enough for you, the mobo supports SLI and Crossfire.
    i5 3570K, Asus GTX 660 DirectCU II, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB + 16 MB Cache 7200 RPM storage and a pretty sick case.
    You can remove the parts and add another one you like. :)
  8. Qlcool

    Qlcool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks bro I would go for another case cheaper one and also I would prefer 1 TB hd and you forgot the SSD other than that it's ok thanks again and from where can I order this build ? can you also pls help me with that
  9. Zeutrinox

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  10. Zeutrinox

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    Ok, the linkedin link is wrong, sorry.

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