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Feb 22, 2005
  1. i have bellsouth dsl on my pc, my dad's computer is just across my room, and he is crawling with his dial up internet service. my intentions are to hook both pc's to my dsl router. both computers are running on windows xp home edition. i have 2 NIC's Card on my Pc, and my Dad's has one NIC. I figured that im going to need another Dsl Router, ive read somewhere that there were other ways to do it with out buying a router, but we choose to buy a second router instead. this is the one that im looking to buy, please post your opinions, i just want something simple that will get the job done.

    Im Kinda Confuse on what to do. can someone explain, im sorry that this is such a basic networking question but i just wanna make sure im gonna do it right.
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    all you will need is a router with 2 or more RJ45 ports (LAN) which is exactly the like the one you stated. Then with this all you do is hook it all up. What windows are you running on the systems??? If its Windows XP its pretty simple to set up. There are loads of tutorials on the net for setting up a network. The best advice I ever got was go here:
    Google.com :)
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    realblackstuff thanks for the links, ive seen them earlier, very helpful. but guys, this is where im stuck at. right now both computers have nic's cards and running windows xp home edition. My Computer is The one with the Dsl Source, right now i have a westell router with only one port. lets say that when my newegg order shows up to my house, what do i do? and Whats a WAN port?
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    Your modem connects to the WAN-port, the PCs connect to the LAN-ports
    Read the manual that comes with your new toy.
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    you need a switch or a hub or replace the single port router with a 4 port router
    or did you mean you have a westell modem with 1 port?
    hey you could get crazy and make your computer a dhcp server and feed the line from it to your dads
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